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Baby Loss Support

This 5-hour live online Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training is specifically geared for caregiving professionals working with pregnant and/or postpartum families: birth/postpartum doulas, bereavement doulas, therapists, social workers, midwives, perinatal nurses, family nurse practitioners, obstetricians, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, prenatal/postpartum yoga teachers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, hospital chaplains, faith leaders, end-of-life care professionals, and bereaved parent activists. This training compassionately prepares participants to more confidently and clearly hold space for one of life’s most painful and devastating losses. Anyone with an interest in the subject is warmly invited to take part.

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss professional training with Birth Ease Loss Support
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There are three components to our study:

1. An introduction to Holding Space and the Companioning Model of Care outlined by Alan Wolfelt, Founder and Director of the Center for Loss & Life Transition.  Holding Space and Companioning are responses to bereavement care that emphasize the need for mourners to be supported, listened to, and held in compassionate presence. Both of these models of care are centered upon a respect for the experience of grieving and challenge our culture’s death phobia as well as the common “fix it,” “return to normal,” “don’t talk about it,” attitude with regard to loss.


2. An exploration of best care practices with regard to the various support networks surrounding bereaved parents. These care practices focus on strengthening circles of support found in family, employment, work, places of worship, and hospital/birth center settings.

3. An understanding of the healing power of ritual found in both religious and secular settings. Emphasis is placed upon the crafting of personal rituals both within and without traditional religious/spiritual frameworks.

Michelle is honored to offer these courses online through The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, & Death.  The course is taught in two 3-hour classes. We will be using the following books for our course of study. You may be able to find them at your local libraries or you can purchase them. They are excellent and are ones you will probably want to reread. 

Texts for Our Course:


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Training Dates for 2023

September 23 & 30   11am - 2pm EST

Cost: $150

scholarships available 

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