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HypnoMothering® is a 2.5 hour class for moms-to-be, new mothers, and moms of young children. Developed by two hypnotherapists, each a mother of twins, this fun, practical class teaches mothers easy and fast self-hypnosis techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep calm and balanced on challenging days, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that mothers face.

A HypnoMothering® class also provides insight and encouragement for every mom at any point on her mothering journey. HypnoMothering® aims to equip each mom to clarify her basic needs during baby’s early months and feel empowered to create her optimum postpartum support system. The class explores social and cultural pressures around mothering and invites each mother to balance the information overflow while acting confidently on her own mothering instincts. 

HypnoMothering® helps you to enhance your mothering with more calm, balance, and energy. No hypnosis background is required, and classes are available for women at all stages in the mothering journey.


MOMS TO BE: The original HypnoMothering® class format was created to prepare women for a gentle transition into motherhood. Taken while pregnant with her first baby, a mom-to-be maps a course to ease the adjustments of motherhood.

MOMS WITH BABIES UNDER 2 YEARS OLD: This version of HypnoMothering® is designed to help mothers find balance and energy throughout the early years of motherhood.

MOMS OF PRESCHOOLERS AND BEYOND: This extension of HypnoMothering® provides all the basics of the original program, and brings special tools for mothers of preschoolers through early elementary age.

RAPID RELAXATION: Hypnosis provides easy-to-learn techniques to quickly relax mom’s body while creating mindfulness and balance.

POSITIVE EMOTIONAL RESOURCES: Positive Emotional Resources: Quick self-hypnosis techniques allow mothers to tap into positive emotions even on difficult days.

HYPNOTIC TIME DISTORTION FOR SLEEP: Hypnotic Time Distortion for Sleep: Whether you have five minutes or five hours to catch some rest, hypnosis helps your mind and body make the most of the sleep you have.

CONNECTION TO BABY: Hypnosis helps a mother tune in to her baby and her own natural instincts.



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