I would be honored to support you. Please use this form to sign up for childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation, doula support, grief support, stress reduction, or other services. In order to support expecting families during the COVID-19 pandemic, Birth Ease is offering a complimentary free online video basic childbirth class excerpted from The Ease Method childbirth course. The videos reflect the teaching style I have used to individually instruct hundreds of families for over 17 years. You can enroll here at no cost or further obligation. At Birth Ease, I simply want to serve families during this uncertain time.


If you are looking for a deeper level of support, more detailed childbirth education, and ​the benefit that comes from creating a relaxation habit within your mind and body, I invite you to please enroll in The Birth Ease Method or Birth Ease Hypnobirth course. I am currently offering $25 off these courses. I would be honored to assist you more fully in your parenting journey.

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