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The Holiness of Birth

In this episode, Rabbi Elisheva and Michelle discuss: How the birth of each child brings with it the birth of a new mother. Amazing facts about the placenta. (hint: Do you know why we have birthday cake on birthday’s?) How experiences in the womb, and of the birth process itself affect us.

Key Takeaways:  Placentas are way more amazing than we think! Some believe the baby, umbilical cord, and placenta to be like the Holy Trinity. Conception, gestation and birth are significant psycho-spiritual experiences in the life journey of parents and children. 

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Birth Story Podcast

What is Hypnobirthing?

What is Hypnobirthing? Hypnobabies? Guided Relaxation? Is it too late to start? In today's episode, Michelle and I break down hypnobirthing aka guided deep relaxation. We talk about the ins and the outs, misconceptions, and how to prepare for the birth that YOU want to matter what that looks like (read epidural, c-section, nitrous, opioids, all of it) with the use of hypnobirthing. 

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Conscious Birthing

Devi and Michelle discuss:

  • Bringing consciousness to the process of pregnancy and birthing

  • Dealing with loss in pregnancy

  • Giving space to parents who experienced loss

  • Being connected with your baby inside the womb

  • Connecting with & trusting with your inner wisdom & listening to your soul

  • Creating space to acknowledge & welcome your baby

  • Mitigating stress during pregnancy

  • Choosing your caregiver as part of the process. 

  • Knowing that you have a divine connection with your baby

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Michelle Smith-

The Birth Ease Method

Michelle shares with Duff Gardner her story from witnessing her first birth to becoming a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and an Hypnobabies Instructor. Finding some frustration with these methods she used her own voice to bring light to guided relaxation in childbirth.


Don’t miss these Highlights:


• Evolving The Birth Ease Method to allow the freedom to follow different techniques

• We all know do reduce stress but listen as Michelle discusses the implications of stress from pregnancy on onwards

• Grief spearheaded a shift into including bereavement doula  

• The true importance of families discovering their own inner wisdom

• Michelle’s biggest insight in her business and life 

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Trauma Can Begin

at Birth

Susan Dascenzi and Michelle discuss:  The role of a doula Defining trauma within birth  Practices to help support a new family.

Key Takeaways:   Doula’s help bring intimacy and safety to the start of life Stress during pregnancy and delivery has a huge impact on the child, even physiologically  Finding the tools to mitigate stress is key.

"There is a sad statistic 35-50% of women experience birth trauma, 2.5%-9% will experience birth related PTSD, and many pre and perinatal psychologists feel that the birth trauma for babies is epidemic right now. That sets the stage. How are you treated the very moment that you take your [first] breath?" —  Michelle Smith 

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About The Birth Ease Podcast

Listen in as Michelle shares with Scott Carson, host of the Mass Media Podcast Summit, about her show. 


Creator of The Birth Ease Method

April/May 2020 Baby Care Issue.

Orlando based childbirth educator and doula Michelle Smith guides expectant mothers through a peaceful pregnancy and childbirth journey.


How Mother & Babies are Treated Matters

Michelle advocates for women, babies, and families at the New Media Summit. February 2019. 

"Disparities in birth and obstetrical abuse are still happening. Women are continuing to be patronized, bullied, and shamed and we are conditioned to allow it. Because there is an underlying belief held by most that we women are to surrender our autonomy the moment we become pregnant. And the impacts of that belief are deep and far reaching. 

Because how your mother and you were treated at your most vulnerable moments matters!"

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Hypnosis Helps Ease Labor Pain

May 29, 2003


Michelle Smith, a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner and doula, or childbirth assistant, acknowledges that there are similarities between the different methods of "natural childbirth" but says that the use of hypnosis makes HypnoBirthing a more effective pain-reducing technique.

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