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The Birth Ease Method was conceived in 2004 while I was working as a midwifery birth assistant and birth center manager for Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM at her birth center The Birth Place. I was a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and a Hypnobabies Instructor. Jennie witnessed  the incredible results that my birth hypnosis clients were achieving. She asked me to create a program that could help her mothers achieve the same deep relaxation for their births without the use of hypnosis. I, too, understood that many people are uncomfortable with the idea of hypnosis, so The Birth Ease Method was born.  


I believe in and appreciate the birth hypnosis methods that I have certified with, trained in, and studied. Yet, I also craved the freedom to meet my clients needs. Especially regarding concerns about hypnosis, class format, having multiple recordings that parents could work with without the boredom that comes with only one recording, or the feelings of overwhelm that come with too many long scripts that birth partners are expected to read nightly. Over the years, I have also been humbled and honored to have clients repeatedly tell me that they preferred the sound of my voice. I wanted the ability to offer clients recordings in my voice. As a facilitator, having clients resonate with my voice increases the relaxation response. This is especially valuable when I am attending a birth as the doula for my Birth Ease students. Most importantly, I want to provide the families that I am working with stress reduction skills and relaxation techniques that truly do last for a lifetime. 

All my Birth Ease classes are individual classes that are centered exclusively on you. This allows the course to be catered towards your unique needs, birthing plans, and schedule. This private class setting also allows us to address any increased stress or concerns you may be experiencing during your pregnancy. This is something not possible in a group class setting. 

I am very excited to have begun the process of creating an online version of my course. It will be featuring all that I have gleaned over the years as to what really works regarding relaxation, interviews with other experts in the pregnancy, birth, and parenting field,  as well expanded material for fertility, postpartum, VBAC preparation, perinatal loss, pregnancy after a loss, and  guided relaxation for children.

The Birth Ease Method is taught in an individual versus group setting, and the course is 4 classes that are 3 hours each. Each class includes the childbirth education component as well as a relaxation session. Each class is incremental and builds on the next. You will be creating a relaxation habit within your mind and body. The following is the basic class outline:

Class One

  • An overview of the Stages of Labor

  • How the 3 muscle layers of the uterus work and influence labor 

  • How fear can and does effect labor

  • The mind body connection

  • The importance of choosing a supportive caregiver and birth environment

  • Why we are creating a relaxation habit

  • Explanation of the relaxation techniques 

  • Birth Ease Method guided relaxation session to create a special place for your and your baby

"I was always determined to give birth naturally, without any pain medication. With my first child, I had a successful natural, medication free birth which was magical, but quite painful. I felt like my body was tightening and fighting against each contraction. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I asked my doula if she had any suggestions as to what I could do to help manage the pain without medication. She told me about the Birth Ease  Method and referred me to Michelle Smith.


When I started seeing Michelle, I went with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. From the moment I met her I felt extremely comfortable and trusted her expertise. I following her guidance and practiced my Birth Ease exercises at home.

I am so elated to say that through Birth Ease I had a beautiful, pain free birth! The moment Michelle arrived at the hospital and started the Birth Ease Method techniques, my whole body relaxed. I let go and went with each contraction wave. I felt no pain at all and I very easily gave birth to my daughter in a relaxed state.


Afterwards, all of the medical staff, including the doctor, was in amazement. They could not believe how calm and relaxed I was during labor AND delivery.

I am SO grateful to Michelle for helping me to experience childbirth in a calm, pain free way that was truly enjoyable. It is amazing what our bodies can do with the proper coaching.

Thank you Michelle!"

Leah Bartos
Mrs. New York America 2012

"With many thanks to Michelle, I was able to believe that the birth story I had dreamed of could be reality with the right guidance, knowledge, and confidence. I am also grateful for the additional advice regarding nutritional options, which turned out to be very beneficial. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge. The connection we had with our daughter before she was even born, was amazing due to Michelle and her techniques. She taught us how to connect on levels that we hadn’t realized were possible, with a little person who hadn’t entered the world yet. We had such a fun (and relaxing!) time at our classes. Michelle has a way of making you feel incredibly special and at ease.


I feel extremely fortunate to have had the birthing experience I had hoped for. Michelle is wonderful at what she does and we are grateful to have found her!"

Baby Parker's parents